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Pat Pauly lectures



Take an hour to take in a fast-paced, funny, and informative lecture (with a bit of history, too). Take away a chance to see quilts in a different light -- whether yours or someone else's. You're guaranteed to see art quilts in a new light.


Traditional Meets Contemporary:  A Look at the Heritage of Traditional Quilts and their Influence in Contemporary Design

From her background as a curator of the exhibition “Quilts Uncovered: Treasures from Genesee Country Village and Museum”, “Paralax Views” and “Quilts 20/20” Pat Pauly gives an expansive look at the long history of quilt making, and its change and rebirth in the twenty-first century. Presenting over 400 images in the span of an hour, she takes a fast-paced look at the craft that has endured in America for nearly 250 years. Hold on to your seats.  


Walk on the Wild Side: Finding Your Style in Contemporary Quiltmaking

This lecture is Pat Pauly’s irreverent look at her own work and career, with its lucky beginnings and twists and turns. After having diverged several times to accept positions in other aspects of the design profession, she came back to full-time contemporary quilting, where she had started in the early 1980s. All is fair game for inspiration and comment as Pat presents more than 400 images in the space of an hour; you will never think of the word “quilt” in the same way again.


Challenge Yourself: Unpredictable Outcomes from Obtuse Ideas

The quilt world is full of bazaar ways to tease out work through themes, fabric choices, or (worst) deadlines. Take a look at how Pat Pauly embraces a challenge, sees a design decision, and comes up with a solution no one else would think to make. And be sure to take notes on how to use a challenge to turn obtuse ideas in to successful quilts. The PowerPoint presentation is full of examples, with 350 images never enough.


The New Face of Art Quilts

Art quilts have taken on a life of their own. Pat Pauly looks at the similarities between the composition of traditional quilts and the avant-garde art pieces that more resemble paintings and prints than their cozy counterparts. In a characteristically passionate and enthralling delivery, she discusses technique, materials, and composition in the new nature of contemporary quilt design, illustrated by over 300 images.